Just writing to say i love the new flag design and the story behind it. Not only is the design lovely, it’s a great testimony that the citizens of Edmonton are willing to work towards Reconciliation. Bravo.

Chantal Fox

Hey there!

We’d love a new flag!

Dan Rose

I’ll be contacting my councillor and friend Aaron Paquette to let him know it’s time for Edmonton to adopt a new flag.

It’s definitely time for a new flag.


Thank you! I hope the campaign goes well!

Jonathan Prescott

New flag is a great improvement. Focus on natural aspects is enduring. Human impact is not represented, but being encompassing is not the point of a flag.

Please, send me a flag?

Kent Richardson

A cheery and well-designed flag that sidesteps problematic imagery of our current flag.

CJ Dorsey

Our current flag would make Roman Mars cry.

Troy Pavlek