This is a well designed flag. I’d like to see Ryan’s flag become the new flag of Edmonton.

Brian McLaughlin

Ryan’s flag is an improvement with simplistic beauty representing our city.

Karen Suffield

A flag so simple

Bright, smart, warm and welcoming

That’s our Edmonton


When I see this flag

It makes me happy and proud

Loving Edmonton


I like this new flag!

Its standard of unity

Is our Edmonton


Thank you Don for asking and bringing this to Edmontonians for thoughts. I think Ryan has created a beautiful flag with great symbolism and am so happy it has created a conversation. What I find deheartening is the negativity I read that has nothing to do with the question you posed.


Old flag is horrible. New flag is perfect simple and to the point ! It actually just makes sense 😉 Love it !


Great idea and vision, this new design represents Edmonton well! Past, present and future!


I like this simple design and it is perfect for an Edmonton Flag. The River, the Sunshine, the grass is all the best of Edmonton. Makes me smile.

Elizabeth Neaves